Saturday, July 11, 2009

G3 & G4

The next two greenhouses are 'affectionately' called G3 & G4.

Greenhouse G3 is a bit of mash-up again. There are some young Oleander, Sensitive Plant, Passion Flower, a single Banana, Schefflera, and several ornamental Gingers at the far end. I forget the name of the plants towards the front of the image.

This side of the greenhouse contains African Violets, many different varieties of Begonias and Sansevieria at the back. In the middle row (to the left of the image) there are mostly dwarf citrus plants. It may not be visible in this picture, but there are hundreds of spiders in this section that have colonized the fluorescent lights and surrounding areas. As such we've started calling this room the "spider room".

Now for G4 (I have no idea what happened to the door label).

This is where the majority of the orchids are kept. If anyone is interested in specific species, just let me know.

The middle contains a large number of ferns and some Cyperus alternifolius. At the end there is a mid-sized tree fern which is difficult to see. On the right you can see the cutting area. There are automated misting jets above that spray about every ten minutes.

Just one more upstairs greenhouse to go!

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