Saturday, July 18, 2009

Allium Seeds

I recently came across a large number of Allium seed pods. I'm not sure what varieties they are but I harvested pods in three distinct sizes. Only one set of pods was dry enough to harvest the seeds immediately, so I brought home the other ones and am waiting for them to dry (the stems were dead).

To germinate the seeds it is suggested to first soak them for 24 hours. Then they should be sowed, but kept at temperatures between -4 and +4 for 4-6 weeks. Finally they should be placed in a room with temperatures of around 20C. Supposedly light will also aid in germination.

The various varieties of Allium all require different methods and have greatly varying germination times. I figured I would use the method mentioned previously as it makes seems to make the most sense for colder climate varieties.

I'm hoping to begin planting these seeds over the next few weeks. My plan is to grow them indoors through the winter and plant them outside in the spring. Has anyone tried something similar before or have any recommendations?

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